Jalebi Mix 200gm+ 200gm B1G1

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Product Features

  • Indulge in the authentic taste of traditional Indian dessert with Our Jalebi Mix.
  • Easy and Quick to Make Indian Dessert for Special Occasions. Makes 40 -50 Jalebis Per Pack.
  • It comes with an offer of Buy 1 Get 1 Free.
  • Enjoy these melt-in-your-mouth Indian sweets warm and gooey or refreshingly chilled.
  • Each bite bursts with sweetness, crafted with premium ingredients using traditional methods for an unforgettable Indian dessert experience.

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Buy Jalebi Mix 200gm+ 200gm B1G1 Online at best prices in Delhi NCR

Our Jalebi Mix, a delightful and authentic Indian dessert that will transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of India. Made with a perfect blend of premium quality ingredients, this mix allows you to effortlessly recreate the traditional sweet treat in the comfort of your own home.

Our Jalebi Mix is carefully crafted to ensure a consistent and delicious outcome every time. Simply add water to the mix, let it rest for a few minutes, and you're ready to create golden, crispy jalebis that are soaked in a fragrant sugar syrup. The mix is expertly formulated to achieve the ideal texture and taste, resulting in jalebis that are crispy on the outside and irresistibly soft on the inside.

With clear instructions provided on the packaging, you can easily prepare this traditional Indian dessert without any guesswork. Impress your family and friends with the authentic flavors of jalebis, a popular sweet dish that is often enjoyed during festivals, weddings or as a special treat.

Our Jalebi Mix is made with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that you experience the true essence of this beloved Indian dessert. We source the finest quality ingredients, including premium wheat flour, aromatic spices, and a touch of saffron, to create a mix that captures the essence of traditional jalebis. The result is a product that not only tastes delicious but also reflects the rich cultural heritage of India.

Indulge in the sweet and aromatic flavors of our Jalebi Mix, and let it transport you to the bustling streets of India, where the scent of freshly made jalebis fills the air. Perfect for special occasions or as a delightful treat for yourself, our Jalebi Mix is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the authentic taste of Indian cuisine. Experience the joy of making and savoring this classic dessert with our Jalebi Mix.

Additional Features

Unit200G + 200G
Packing TypePacket
Country of OriginIndia
ManufacturerPansari Industries KHASRA NO-33/9 AND 33/12 MAIN BAWANA ROAD SAMAYPUR DELHI 110042
SellerPansari Industries KHASRA NO-33/9 AND 33/12 MAIN BAWANA ROAD SAMAYPUR DELHI 110042
Shelf Life6 Months
IngredientsJalebi Mix
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(1314 Reviews)

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